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Peaceful Reading

Abundantly Made

You are

And the Earth was Abundantly Made for YOU.

Experience the fullness of who you were meant to become.

Energy Healing-Mediumship-Astrology-Coaching



I am an intuitive healer, astrologer, crystal practitioner, course creator, and empowerment coach. Behind the computer, I am a mom of 5, married for 20 years, and chaos coordinator for every other moment in my waking and sleeping life. I love it all! This is what I dreamed about having when I was young. But not all dreams come without bumps. We just don't factor them in when we're 5, 15, or even 25.

After I had my 3rd baby I started struggling with a lot of health issues. I went to 7 doctors, had an ultrasound, multiple professionals brushed me off and sent me home with "just see how it goes". Some of these symptoms could cause a car accident or safety issues with my kids due to serious forgetfulness, extreme fatigue, or anxiety. I was worried. I needed these mysterious symptoms to subside. Later I was diagnosed with dementia-like symptoms due to Hashimoto's and Lupus.

This was not a way to live. I desired more. I craved peace, happiness and energy to pour into my children and husband. If I wasn't going to be heard, seen and supported when I paid for help then I knew I had to figure things out on my own. Through prayer and intuition, I was able to find the right resources and turn my life around. I needed nutritional support. I needed educated professionals. And I needed to start by believing in myself. I needed a mind, heart, and spiritual shift. 

Through opening my heart to my worth, I started to heal. I became the mom that my kids needed. By engaging in my intuitive abilities and finding the right teachers, I became a better version of myself. Years I spent learning for myself and family. After being invited to share my gifts with others, I now have 10 years of deep work and study under my belt. Hundreds of one-on-one client sessions and hosted dozens of classes to help others find their light, fulfillment, and freedom from trapped emotions and cycles of low vibrations. Dozens of retreats where I have been a speaker and facilitator. 

When I added astrology to my practice, I discovered a way to allow my clients to acknowledge their gifts and struggles. This gives permission to be the light that was written in the stars at the time of their birth. As I had to give myself permission to be me, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share that gift with others.

We have a heavenly array of ways to heal our mind, body, & soul. I have learned and trusted the spiritual healing path to bring love and light. If this sounds like something you desire in your life and support from a mom that has gone through it, read a little more.


If we have not met before,  schedule a FREE DISCOVERY CALL. Lets see if we're a good fit. I want you to be sure before you invest and time, money, or energy.

I can't wait to get to know you!

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