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Jan 2, 2022 - Feb 19, 2022

The 7 Lights of Intuition

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Intuition has always intrigued me. Guided me. Been a best friend standing next to me. It was intuition that told me others real intentions. Fear kept me hidden. Intuition gave me courage. Every light center (chakra) is a portal of intuition. Some light centers are stronger than others and that's expected, normal, and makes us unique. But did you ever hear that your strongest interests and skills are how you receive intuition? We're going through the chakras, your gifts, and opening up your intuition through the A, B, C’s of chakras system I created. Ready to expand your knowledge on how intuition really works in regards to the 7 main chakras? It's simpler than I thought. We've been overthinking it while also limiting what and where intuition comes from. It's a spiritual gift everyone has. Do you have interests? Then you have intuition. This is amazing for personal discovery as well as helping your family and friends. Do you have a heart centered business? Entrepreneurs, gain confidence by being guided by intuition. Practitioners, take this information to increase your connection in your private sessions. Your intuition brought you here and I'm so grateful. -7 Live Classes ($525 Value) -Lifetime Access to Replays -7 Piece Chakra set ($40 Value) -Chakra Jewelry Piece ($35 Value) -Chakra Meditation ($20 Value) -Workbook ($30 Value) -30 Min Session with Me ($50 Value) Total: $700 VALUE (But Much Less For You!)

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The 7 Lights of Intuition

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