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Crystals Intuitively hand picked by Jazmin to help with the grief of losing a loved one or a troubling event.

Apache Tear - brings support, strength, and in letting go of negativity very gently. This stone is great for bringing comfort.

Scolecite-soothing and compassionate like the wings of an angel seen in this crystal. Connection to our higher self and peace.

Lepidolite-gentle healing for heart and mind. Promotes awareness and inner peace while alleviating stress and negative thoughts.

Blue Lace Agate-calls in the help of divine angels. Brings connection and communication with Heaven.

Rhodochrosite - encourages the heart chakra to open. Eases depression and supports emotional healing with a positive outlook.

When you receive your kit there will be a QR code to unlock a grief meditation by Jazmin.

Crystal Grief Kit

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