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Meet Your Hosts


Jazmin Gill

I am an intuitive healer, crystal LOVER, course creator, and empowerment coach! Behind the computer, I am a mom of 5, a fluffy doodle, wife, and chaos coordinator for every other moment in my waking and sleeping life. I love it all!

I have had strong intuition and healing gifts since I was little. But as most kids learn, it's weird to be different, so I stuffed those gifts away for many years. I had to regain my health later in my life after an autoimmune disease took over and I also had to recognize who I was fully and completely. I had to create a holistic lifestyle and accept every part of who I am in order to be the best woman, wife, and mom I could be! This set me on a journey of discovery, love, health, and acceptance.


I have an array of ways to heal your mind, body, & soul and bring love and light to your life!

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Time & Location

Aug 25, 5:00 PM MDT  –  Aug 28, 10:00 AM MDT

St. George, St. George, UT, USA

About the Event

Every experience will bring you closer to yourself!

Event Schedule:


5:00 PM:  Arrive at the House

6:00 PM:  Light Dinner

7:00 PM:  Introductions

10:30 PM: Night Time Meditation

11:00 PM:  Quiet Time


7:00 AM:  Coffee & Tea Starting

8:00 AM:  Breakfast

9:00 AM:  Surrender & Manifest with Shemree

10:30 AM: Identify & Remove Blocks w/ Jazmin

1:00 PM:  Lunch

2:00 PM:  Take Home Crystal Jewelry w/ Jazmin

4:00 PM:  Free Time

7:00 PM:  Dinner

10:30 PM:  Night Time Meditation w/ Jazmin


​7:00 AM:  Coffee & Tea Starting

8:00 AM:  Breakfast

9:00 AM:  Labrinth

10:00 AM:  Free Time(pool, hike, rest, arcade.) This is your time

12:00 PM:  Connect, Collaborate, & Question

1:00 PM:  Lunch

2:00 PM:  Mindset & Visioning with Shemree

4:00 PM:  Free Time

7:00 PM:  Dinner

8:00 PM:  Surrender & Manifest Activity

9:00 PM:  Free Time

11:00 PM:  Quiet Time


8:00 AM:  Breakfast & Pack Up

9:00 AM:  Goodbyes

10:00 AM:  Depart


"Jazmin is an incredible energy healer and the sweetest human ever! Anything that she touches turns to gold and levels you up in a way you would never think possible. Definitely work with her if you get the chance!"

Brooke Angus




Paid in Full


3 Payments of 



- Shared Bunk Room

- Shared Main Area Bathrooms

-Gourmet meals by a private chef

-Exclusive swag bag

*Great option for making friends.  



Paid in Full


3 Payments of 



- Shared Private Bedroom

- Shared King Bed

- Shared Private Bathroom

-Gourmet meals by a private chef

- Upgraded Exclusive Swag Bag

*Have your bestie purchase gold with you & you can share a private room!

Pricing Plans
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